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Our Vision

Offering Residents the Respect they Deserve

CCR Strategies assists multi-family housing companies better recognize their residents as their clients.


The business of multi-family property management is driven by the disciplines of:
financial management, leasing, and occupancy
maintenance of property integrity,
regulatory and administrative compliance.

Where, in this “full plate” of responsibilities, can managers find the time to develop a relationship with their residents/clients?

CCR Strategies helps multi-family owners and managers make their community a stronger, more viable place for their residents by:
Helping to provide a caring environment,
Demonstrating and insuring accountability,
Offering each resident the respect that they deserve



George Piper began his career in New York and Chicago working with national advertising agencies, and then moved to Knoxville in 1982 as a Publisher for a Time-Warner owned media company, Whittle Communications.It was in this role that he became particularly involved in learning and understanding more about how successful national corporations market, develop, and protect their client base and build their own distinctive brand.

From 2008 to 2012, Mr. Piper applied this experience at Lawler Wood Housing, with their affordable and conventional portfolio of over 6000 units, to help build and sustain occupancy through resident acquisition and customer relations.

In 2013, Mr. Piper opened his own company, CCR Strategies, providing full service customer relations management for Lawler Wood Housing, LLC. with their portfolio of over 8500 affordable units.

Today, Mr. Piper works with several Top 50 Affordable Housing Management companies across the country, and handles resident relations for over 30,000 affordable and market rate households in the U.S.

CCR Strategies has a team of customer relations specialists who are dedicated to a particular portfolio or management group based on the owner/resident needs and their particular specialization. Associates participate in a 3 month apprenticeship prior to engaging with customers, and are testing certified (Grace Hill) in both Fair Housing and Multi-family Housing Customer Relations practices and standards.


To deliver a turn-key resident relations service that:

  • Provides residents the attention they need to resolve an issue at the property
  • Allows the community management team to focus on what they do best, managing and leasing
  • Offers owners a turn-key program for handling customer complaints, and reducing the number of complaints to HUD, housing authorities, or local contract administrator
  • Delivers ownership and community management timely reports on the purpose of resident calls, problems that they report, as well as projections (analytics) on issues that might develop in the future, by type/by property.


To apply an affordable, hands-on approach to resident relations by offering a service that:

  • Delivers professionally managed toll free calling system to listen to, advise, and assist residents with their problems in their community
  • Applies Fair Housing policies, and industry accepted resident relations policy in addressing caller needs.
  • Acts as an impartial third party, operating on behalf of the owner to achieve reconciliation/closure of resident concerns/complaints
  • Listens to residents with honesty, caring and patience, even when residents are unable to be honest and patient
  • Supports the decisions of property management and polices of ownership.


Community Development is about working with residents, neighbors, providers, influencers to build a strong residential community. CCR offers a variety of services to address specific owner needs.

Resident Relations

800 Number – Non- Emergency Help Line
Tell us what you think.
How can we help?

Community Surveys

Quantitative Mail Surveys
What do you like most?
What do you like least? resident problems

Qualitative Studies


A Fresh Look at Old Problems

Resolution of chronic conflict
Bringing groups together
Plans on how to go forward

Community Outreach

Attract most qualified applicants
Partner with outside organizations to build resident retention
Affordable marketing

Community Building

Build strong sense of pride in community and neighborhood
Participate in neighborhood events
Repair/Strengthen Reputation


Regular Monthly Reports

Call volume; three call volume pattern; analysis of calls by
Call Type; analysis of calls by Region; Index of calls
(regional or call type) received compared to total units.

Monthly Charting

Graphic presentation and analysis calls
received/managed highlighting chronic or emerging
problems in a community/portfolio.

Annual Reviews & Seminars

Attend and address company meetings to share
knowledge  and new strategies for
handling situations that arise with residents,
management, and recurring resident complaints
about practices and policies.

Periodic Call Discussions – Regional and Community Managers

Schedule and conduct periodic
conversations with regional VPs, area
managers, and community staff as need
to address situations that need attention.

Periodic Call Discussions – Corporate

Periodic conversations with management to
discuss, review and analyze the nature and
implications of findings.

Analytics – An Optional Capability

Provide analytic evaluations for maintenance,
resident retention, and customer service on a
portfolio, regional, or property basis.


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